The Shop Assistant – Short story

Ivy hobbled through the town’s shopping arcade. Her ageing bones making the walk to her favorite shoe shop seem like she was attempting a marathon. Shopping had always been Ivy’s therapy ever since she was young, today she felt she deserved to splurge out and treat herself. She finally reached the shop, taken in byContinue reading “The Shop Assistant – Short story”

‘If I Die Before I Wake’ by Emily Koch.

Summary Alex is an experienced outdoor climber, however, since falling in a bad accident, he has spent the last eighteen months in a coma. Despite being in a coma, Alex can hear everything that’s going on around him. Including when the police suggest that his accident could have been attempted murder. Can Alex prove toContinue reading “‘If I Die Before I Wake’ by Emily Koch.”

‘Never Greener’ by Ruth Jones review

Callum a 37-year-old teacher in Scotland is expecting his third child with his wife Belinda, he is happy in his little bubble until 22-year-old barmaid Kate starts working in his brother’s pub. They both get consumed in their wild passionate affair, but life interrupts and they are forced to go their separate ways. Until seventeenContinue reading “‘Never Greener’ by Ruth Jones review”

‘The Institute’ by Stephen King.

The Institute is a science-fiction, horror/thriller, it entails the story of a young boy called Luke, who has very special powers. Life is pretty normal for Luke despite this, until he is kidnapped and taken to an extremely private institute in Maine, where more children with powers such as telepathy and telekinesis are being usedContinue reading “‘The Institute’ by Stephen King.”

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