‘If I Die Before I Wake’ by Emily Koch.


Alex is an experienced outdoor climber, however, since falling in a bad accident, he has spent the last eighteen months in a coma. Despite being in a coma, Alex can hear everything that’s going on around him. Including when the police suggest that his accident could have been attempted murder. Can Alex prove to his family that he is still awake before his attacker strikes again?…

What I thought?….

This thriller is very inventive, it was intriguing to try and figure out crime through the main character Alex who is in a coma, and the only thing you have to go off is the conversations between the people who come to visit him on a daily basis. I do love a good who done it? Who doesn’t? I definitely didn’t get who the attacker was and I was convinced it was someone different every chapter. If you can guess the twist at the end, you’re a genius94290273_685453812203028_2450197182154801152_n!

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