Book review: Two Sisters by Kerry Wilkinson


This psychological thriller entails the story of a young woman called Megan. When she was ten years old, her older brother Zac went missing from a small seaside town called WhiteCliff.

Ten Years later, her parents pass away in a car crash, Megan receives a postcard on the day of her parents funeral with a photograph of Whitecliff and a single letter Z on the back.

Megan returns to Whitecliff with her sister Chloe to discover what really happened to her brother.

What I thought?

This book covers more than figuring out what happened to Megan’s brother Zac. I love how the book is written from Megan’s perspective, a young twenty-year-old girl who is struggling with her own inner demons as well as trying to discover why her family didn’t have the typical dynamic of every other family. The town of Whitecliff creates a great setting for a psychological thriller, the town is filled with secrets and rivalries that could mean anyone could be responsible for what happened to her brother. The book also covers how strong the bond of sisters can be, even when it is tested beyond limits.

I didn’t see the twist in this novel and there is a chance to suspect each of the characters, I would highly recommend if you like weird towns, distorted families and a mystery to solve along the way.80230211_285388026042236_4983610947617068407_n

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