The Shop Assistant – Short story

Ivy hobbled through the town’s shopping arcade. Her ageing bones making the walk to her favorite shoe shop seem like she was attempting a marathon. Shopping had always been Ivy’s therapy ever since she was young, today she felt she deserved to splurge out and treat herself. She finally reached the shop, taken in byContinue reading “The Shop Assistant – Short story”

‘Never Greener’ by Ruth Jones review

Callum a 37-year-old teacher in Scotland is expecting his third child with his wife Belinda, he is happy in his little bubble until 22-year-old barmaid Kate starts working in his brother’s pub. They both get consumed in their wild passionate affair, but life interrupts and they are forced to go their separate ways. Until seventeenContinue reading “‘Never Greener’ by Ruth Jones review”

Little fires everywhere by Celeste Ng.

The second novel by Celeste Ng has become an international bestseller for a reason, Celeste depicts lives in the small town of Shaker Heights, where everybody stays in their perfectly well-behaved bubble. Elena Richardsons’ family are the ideal candidates for this town. Everything is running just as it should be until outsiders, Mia a driftingContinue reading “Little fires everywhere by Celeste Ng.”

Interview with teaching assistant Julie Collins, find out about her experiences working in a special needs school.

Have you ever thought of working with children/people with special needs, read teaching assistant Julie’s own experiences working in the special needs sector. Julie,53 worked in the civil service for thirty years before becoming a teaching assistant at Hope School in Wigan. Only when Julie was offered voluntary redundancy from the civil service, did sheContinue reading “Interview with teaching assistant Julie Collins, find out about her experiences working in a special needs school.”

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